SmartTiles v5.8: Deployed to Blue & Green Editions. Release notes, etc. (follow this Topic for updates...)

Lost all of my custom CSS stuff as well.

Same issue just appeared for me as well. @tgauchat @625alex.
I did have my CSS code saved elsewhere, but when I pasted my code in, there were extra characters and the hard returns were gone replaced by “\t\r\n\t\r\n”.

I should also add The dashboard is not longer in the order I arranged. That also appears to reverted to default.

Yep, exactly the same situation with mine as well.

Same here. All css is gone and my tile order.

We didn’t change anything, but SmartThings has fallen on it’s face again. :confounded:

Probably a half dozen Topics on this by now, but folks are advised to defer trying to correct their own SmartApps as SmartThings is working on fixes…

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To all those reporting custom CSS and configuration loss, my only recommendation at the moment is to stay put and not to change anything in the next little while until we get a confirmation whether the preferences are lost forever or if there’s a way to recover them.


Ha, haven’t touched mine for a months as waiting for V6 testing. My poor tablets long for the touch of a human again :wink:
Hell, I miss it! I go to the walls constantly and stare into empty pixels - I live a sad existence without SmartTiles. :slight_smile:


Well, I sure hope that it’s not lost forever. That seems a bit drastic. What caused this to happen anyways?

No use asking in this thread. :no_mouth:

So I suppose the css is gone for good?

Hi Barton… I feel for ya, but …

We have recommended, and yes, we really need to emphasize again, and again, that everyone should keep a copy of your Custom CSS externally (like in a notepad text document or Google Doc).

###I repeat: Please keep a backup copy of your custom CSS, using cut/paste to an external text file, Google Doc, etc…

SmartTiles V5 only stores custom CSS in SmartApp State, and, as seen now and in the past, we have no control over it’s longevity. SmartTile V6 no longer uses state at all (and, in fact, will not launch with a Custom CSS feature.).

You can try to request SmartThings look into restoring your lost data: … tagging @slagle

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If no custom CS in V6 then I assume there is an option to mess with all the colours?
I really like having a slate display and only coloured active tiles as it makes at a glance really work well.

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We definitely agree with the value of customization and some degree of customization will be available at launch.

We’re just at the stage where we have to make very hard decisions as to what features get deferred, even if they are legacy features.

Please be assured, we are “hearing” all the feature requests, and we know that legacy features (CSS editing and/or the end-results; restoring Dashboard sharing, etc., etc.,) are given special consideration for our short-term post-launch road-map.

We have set(s) of Beta users slowly being invited, with one criteria for priority being donation amounts.

So the CSS code is gone? Wow…

I understand the pushback relate to CSS, but I absolutely support reliable base functionality that returns us to the simple access that was so helpful to WAF around the globe.


Detailed customization is deferred. Not gone.

The new app is entire rewrite, so current CSS isn’t applicable anyway, unfortunately.

So, custom CSS is no longer supported?
Is our previous code gone forever?

Can’t we just opt for security risks? No allowing customization would be a massive let down.

Custom CSS is still permitted and unchanged in SmartTiles v5.8.

My post was referring to “V6”, the completely rebuilt architecture with no announced release date.

If you lost your CSS (and/or Tile arrangement) due to SmartThings corruption of SmartApps state database storage, that is 100% out of our hands. Just yesterday they implied they would restore everything.

V6 no longer depends on state for anything.

How’s V6 lookin? Getting close to release I hope?!

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No comment.

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