SmartTiles on Amazon Fire (old version)

Hey guys,

This may be a dumb question but when I used to have an iPad and ran smart tiles from the homepage, it would open the webpage and remove the web address bar at the top. Is there a way I can do that with the older Kindle tablet? I am using smart tiles through the silk browser and it would be really nice if it didn’t leave full screen mode every 30 minutes to show the web address bar.


Silk has some significant limitations.

For full-screen on Amazon Fire Tablet (Kindle is an e-ink reader, no??), I suggest trying the Fully Kiosk Browser. You can download its apk and install it without the Google Play store.

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It is a fire. My apologies. I’ll look that up and see how easy it is. Thanks!

I’m getting this error when trying to put my smarttiles URL in kiosk. Any suggestions?

It means you are not using the Launcher URL.

Last question. When I use the silk browser, the address bar will show back up about every thirty minutes or when a change occurs on certain tiles. When I use a kiosk app, the dashboard isn’t as responsive and does some sort of refresh thing that causes the dashboard to quickly break apart and reassemble. I like the way silk works better but hate the annoying address bar. What is my best option?

Chrome? … It is possible to find “unofficial” APK’s for Chrome, but I don’t know if they are better or worse than Silk.

But… Good news!: ActionTiles has a built-in “full-screen” function that I just tested on my stock Fire tablet with Silk, and it seems to work fine (i.e., it hides the address bar). The function may not overcome all of Silk’s limitations or have some undetected glitches, but … let’s be optimistic!

I know this is an old thread but I wanted to say that ActionTiles IS confirmed to work flawlessly on my FireTab.

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