Wall Mount Tablet Questions

Thanks for reading. I just set up my Kindle fire with Google play. Is there a way to set up a different dashboard for it. I am also worried if I use my current log in it will interference with my phone geo fencing which I am very pleased with it’s dependability.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Shameless promo here; but please consider trying out ActionTiles ($23.99 after 14-day free trial period), which we developed over 2.5 years specifically as a solution for this scenario, and it brings along some other nice features at the same time. It is a secure web-browser based app (custom dashboard panel builder) for SmartThings.

We’re proud that our customers give it 5-Stars and glowing accolades. The SmartThings Community will give you plenty of ideas on how to use it; or the couple other alternatives around.

On a Kindle Fire, it is often recommended to run in the Fully Kiosk Browser; but you can add that later after testing ActionTiles in regular Silk or Chrome.

I did subscribe last night. Looking forward to setting it up tonight.
From other posts seems will need to do away with screen lock, figure out how to use camera to wake up on movement and what u just mentioned fully kiosk.
It will be challenging.

On Amazon Fire, these seem to be reliably accomplished via certain Fully Browser options. Wake on movement isn’t working perfectly for me, but it wakes with a single tap on the screen. Write us at Support@ActionTiles.com when you get to that point or are stuck anywhere along the way.

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