FireOS and SmartTiles limitations?

So I just read about SmartTiles, and thought it might be cool to setup since I have an old FireHDX sitting around. It’s running FireOS, and I’d rather just stick with the stock OS then deal with rooting and loading up a custom rom right now. So if I go with the Stock os, what are the main limitations? It seems that I won’t be able to get rid of the swipe to unlock, but is this it?

Can I just run the browser all the time and have it connected to the SmartTiles website? Are there any apps I need to download to make the experience better? etc. etc.

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Check out the “SmartTiles Mounting & CSS” Topic for a lot of relevant info even if buried in too many posts.

Short answer is that I personally currently recommend the “Fully Kiosk Browser” which you can install directly from downloaded APK.

Thanks. I was able to do everything I needed to do using the stock OS with the Fully Kiosk Browser as well as following this post:

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@tgauchat I searched for “SmartTiles Mounting & CSS” and not able to find the topic. I am a first time Fire/android user and trying to figure out how to get/use APK and Fully Kiosk Browser to setup my new tablets for AT.
can you provide a link or some help?

Please open a Topic on our own Forum:

Actually… I think there may be a Fully Topic there already, so please be sure to use the Topic search input box.