SmartTiles Tablet Question

How in the world do we mount this to a tablet? Sorry for what I am sure seems to be a silly question to a lot of you but I am new to all of this. Thanks in advance for your help!

It’s only silly since there are several threads on this

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Welcome, Joshua! … What do you mean by “mount” to a tablet?

SmartTiles opens in most native tablet browsers…

Okay so I have it setup and two pages made. How do I access it on my tablet? There has to be a launcher of some sort or do I have to launch it out of the smart things app itself?

No… but the configuration pages of SmartTiles inside the SmartThings Mobile App contain the page: “View Dashboard and URL”. Use that URL in your tablet’s browser.

Okay I guess that answers that question. So is there a 3rd party app to lock the tablet on the web browser?

Do I have to be on the same local network to access this webpage?

There are various “kiosk” mode Apps and Browsers you can look into. We don’t have a recommendation.

No. SmartTiles V5 runs from the SmartThings Cloud.
SmartTiles V6 will run from our own Cloud.

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Please join the main SmartTiles v5.8 Topic where we just started talking about the Fully kiosk browser for Android, and perhaps other alternatives.

So far, I’m liking Fully, thought it may have some quirks… Carry on by clicking the link first, please…