Kindle Fire App and limiting access / control granularity

Two pieces to a single solution. What I’d like to do is setup a Kindle Fire with limited control and no ability to change things for use by house guests. Is there a way to do this? If not with the Kindle Fire, can I configure an app for a smartphone to have limited access/ control (and if so, how)?

What you’re describing is a dashboard. See below for the most popular community-developed dashboard. It’s about to undergo a major new version release.


Thanks Mark. Do you know if “ActionTiles” is supposed to be available for the Kindle Fire? SmartTiles dies not appear to be listed in the App Store. If not, is there something similar that does work on the Fire?

ActionTiles is a “web-app”; nothing to download and it works in many browsers.

While we recommend “Fully Kiosk Browser”, “Firefox”, or “Chrome” on your Amazon Fire; Silk is functional now (but not extensively tested due to it’s very small user base).

Please visit: to signup for access in March.

I have 1 Fire running SmartTiles on Silk ( never got around to installing Google or anything on that one ) and it works fine. Only " issue" is that it doesn’t stay in full screen on refresh, so the address bar,browser tabs keep reappearing at the top of the screen.

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I just tested ActionTiles (Beta) on current Silk, and it too is working fine.

We’ve added a full-screen HTML call, so we’re able to trigger full-screen mode on.

Reload currently also breaks out of full-screen mode, but we’re looking into it. Unlike SmartTiles, ActionTiles very seldom needs a “full reload / refresh”, though, so it’s less of a problem.