App for Amazon Fire Tablet?

Hey everyone…is there a SmartThings app that is compatible with Amazon Fire tablets? I’ve done some reading about SmartTiles. Can SmartTiles be used as a browser based app on the Fire or anything with a web browser?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Yes, SmartTiles can be used with most browsers. Since you did not mention the particular Fire tablet, I don’t know for sure if yours will work.

There are several discussions of using a Fire 7" as a hardware touch panel so I would guess that one works.

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You can also easily sideload the ST app if you want.

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Thank you! You answered my question. Yes, the Fire 7" is the tablet I want to use as a touch panel. I’ll do some more reading on SmartTiles.


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Fires work great for smarttiles panels

If you want to install the actual ST app as well, you need to install the 1market or Google play store, since it is not available from Amazon


What browser are you using to run full screen? Chrome - I dislike having to drag up to hide the address bar, “kiosk browser lockdown” by ProCo crashes immediately upon launch, dolphin browser crashes frequently… The challenge I have had with most of the “kiosk” browsers is the authentication. You must set the SmartTiles launcher page as the start page. I just want dashboard to stay running continuously.

I use Amazon Silk on some, and others I installed fully Kiosk . No issues with having to login. Then again I never close it, so that may be why I don’t have any issues

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I just gave Fully Kiosk Browser a try again and I think it works pretty well. Thanks!

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How do you keep the address bar from popping up on silk?

Fully kiosk on a fire 7" with motion detection and auto reload works for me. Haven’t had to log in for a while.

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Is this kiosk mode through a rooted device?

No need to root. Just install the Google Play store using various methods like this:

Then grab Fully Kiosk Browser. It removes all bars. Check out this link for a guide on using Motion Detector and Tasker to wake/sleep the display. FAQ: Affordable Hardware Dashboard


Mine is rooted and has installed custom ROM. I could be wrong but I thought that from other threads on here, using tasker and/or just rooting does not allow you to bypass the amazon lock screen.

@jeremykeen Were you able to make it work?

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Yes it works without rooting. There are unofficial ways to remove the ads or you can just edit the device in your amazon profile and pay $15 to remove the ads permanently. The lock screen can be disabled by enabling developer options:

There will be an option to prevent display sleep/lock. Then, tasker and motion detector work perfectly with some sort of kiosk browser.


I cannot find anyway of removing screen swipe/lock. Developer options dont offer this. If I am missing something please explain.

After sideloading the Google Play Store and installing SmartThings, I find that I cannot sign into the SmartThings App because I can’t get pass the page that says"

This website is optimized for the following browsers…

Samsung Internet, Chrome, Safari

Although I installed Chrome, it still brings up this page and I can not move forward. Any ideas?

Hmmm… I just got a new Fire 8 yesterday and was able to login to SmartThings App (via Play Store download) with no issues.

Are you using a Samsung login ID by any chance? I haven only once observed that login process and it is different than basic direct SmartThings login; so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is farked up.

(Meanwhile; if you only need your Fire to view & control (but not configure) your Things, ActionTiles runs great on Fire tablets).

@jeremykeen where in the link does it show how to remove the lockscreen?

The fully in kiosk mode send me to the app home and amazon fire 8 crash every time I click in that option:( same for you?