SmartTiles Dashboard 5.4.2 - July 13 (

I am still having issues here. I deleted the smart app from the ide and de authorized the installed version from the website. I then went to the website and installed the dashboard again. I went to the ST app and started to configure everything. I selected all the devices I wanted and when I click done to finalize I get “An unexpected Error Occurred”.

Anyone have any direction I should go next?

Ok looks like I fiugred out the problem…It’s the weather tile. As long as I don’t include that everything works fine, no error messages.

@625alex do you have thoughts on this?

Did you have trouble finding an installer comfortable doing this? I am contemplating for 4 total blinds in the west facing side of house that gets horrendous heat…would like to have them auto shut during afternoon but be open rest of the evening and morning.

Yes, it was very difficult to find someone. Took many emails and phone calls. Most places aren’t willing to retro-fit. If your located in the NY-NJ area, I can let you know who did mine.

MN, but thanks for the info. I looked into doing myself, but I literally wouldn’t have the time to get it done right with the learning curve. We had trouble getting electricians out here that could install the Zwave switches…I got through 15 of them and said, nah, I am going to pawn this off on a pro. Most of them were nervous to accept job because it wasn’t a type of switch they worked with much. Its not that different at all they learned…

If your comfortable taking down your blinds and shipping them to, they will do it for you. I didn’t feel comfortable taking mine down, plus you still need to then mount the battery packs yourself. Check out my thread: My Somfy-ST Integration

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Send me your logs please.

@625alex Are you planning on implementing valves into the Dashboard so we can monitor our sprinklers?

I am also having the same issue. Remove the weather tile and everything is working again.

If you need my log files let me know,


Great tool! Still kind of a newbie here, but do have a couple of questions I didn’t see covered.

  1. It took me several add/removes to get an Eccolink Tilt sensor added. I seem to have a couple of ghost tiles from the first two attempts. These residuals aren’t in my things either in the ST app or in the add things - tap to show in the Dashboard config. But they are in the re-arrange tiles and show up on the dashboard itself. Any ideas on where to go to delete these old unused tiles?

  2. None of my contact sensors are showing status. Lights show on and off thermostats show temp, but window contacts and the “working” tilt sensor do seem to change open or closed and motion sensors never show motion. The correct status is in the IDE and in the ST app. Is this expected? Do I need to troubleshoot something? Is there some add in code in 263 messages that I missed somewhere to try?


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Are we able to launch another android application from the dashboard? Say i wanted to have a button on my dashboard that would take me to my sonos application, harmony app, etc.

Try this from link from another user…


i got a really awesome setup now thanks to SmartTiles :smile: I got 3 tablets on the wall with a link tile to open spotify, the tablets are connected via bluetooth to my vizio speakers, now i dont have to buy sonos :smile:

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thanks, sadly that looks iOS specific. any links or ideas for android?

did you set a link to the spotify app, or spotify webplayer? if the app, on andorid or iOS?

It works on android, just tried it, but only opens the app, if you do it on desktop in doesnt do nothing :confused:

the url is “spotify://”

Edit: if you add the url of the song after “spotify://” you can get directly to a song :smile:

thanks! that worked for one of my apps, but not the other. i will have to play around with a few “appname://” variations to make sure i have it right. Do you know of anyway to verify that i am entering in the true app name?

Was just working on getting you the logs and it seems to be working currently. If I have any more problems Ill send them over to you. Thanks for your help.

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its not something universall, not all apps can do that, you’ll have to test with each one or do a google search :wink:

Can you think of something you did to get it working? I am having the same error if I add the weather.