SmartThings Zigbee Button Edge Driver

I kind of feel like I’m cross-posting, but I think this is the place as far as Edge drivers go.

So, in short, the Ecosmart remote supports “held”, at least on buttons 2 and 3, not sure about 4.

Any chance of getting that working int the Edge Zigbee Button Driver, at some point?

Please, and thank you!

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Have you checked this note in the driver located in the official SmartThings repo?

If you need those options, you can create your own driver (you can use the code from the official one but remember to change the name and packageKey)

I don’t know if the driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo includes those enums:

Could you let us know, Mariano, please?

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I’m only now, getting familiar with Edge drivers and channels and such. Now that I’m catching up, I may soon be able to do that on my own.

I’m guessing “held” would show for all four buttons, and that would create that confusion. I understand the reasoning, if so.

Thanks, Nayelyz. I’ll see what I can manage, while hoping someone might do it for me in a custom driver.

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Not all buttons support hold action

If I remember, but I can’t find answer from ST dev, only button 2 and 3 support Held, but he didn’t want to add Held capability to only those two buttons, as “users will be confused with not all of them having HELD capability”
It was all or none

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Yeah, it’s an odd remote, but, people can still get a bulb and remote for about $9…

Personally, I would dare say anyone going through the trouble of getting them unpaired from one another, and then re-paired individually with Smartthings, wouldn’t be terribly confused.

The real confusion has always been trying to use the remotes with Smartthings while another remote is touchlinked to a bulb.

I consider it a miracle it ever made into an official DTH, much less an Edge driver.

Nonetheless, buttons 2 and 3 are just begging to be held.

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I only have the ST button on the controller