Edge Driver Issue

I have a few Ecosmart remotes using the Zigbee Button (stock) and Zigbee Button Groups (custom) edge drivers. I removed 1 remote that was misbehaving with the intention to add it back as well as add an additional remote. When adding the remotes, they are adding with DTH not edge.

I have rebooted the v3 hub several times, cleared cache (on Samsung Galaxy s10e), and reinstalled the drivers using the cli.

Any other suggestions?

I cannot uninstall drivers at this time from the app or the cli so maybe it is a platform issue?
@nayelyz any ideas?

So, did you install the Zigbee Button driver from the official channel invitation?

Generally, when the device is paired with an Edge driver is because there’s no driver installed that includes the device’s fingerprint.

Do you get an error message? I just deleted a driver (not used by any device) from the app, reinstalled it (also paired a device) and deleted it again, now from the CLI, so I don’t think it’s a general issue.

I have no idea what the issue was but 48 hrs later it is resolved. I can add/remove edge drivers and devices are adding fine again.

I have noted that when the device is added on android app that it isn’t showing the driver info until the cache is cleared. This is new.

Do you mean that this page doesn’t appear or is blank until you clear the app cache? I couldn’t replicate that issue…

The driver option doesn’t appear until app cache is cleared.

Can you replicate that issue consecutively? I didn’t have that issue, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

@nayelyz I’ll demonstrate with light bulbs. It happens occasionally when you open devices details page first time. Same device 10 seconds between loading details page.
It doesn’t matter which/who’s driver it is. This happens even with a stock ST drivers.

Exactly what @milandjurovic71 shows except mine won’t show the driver until cache is cleared.

Ok, I was able to reproduce this, what I noticed is that it happens when you restart the app and enter the device when the app is loading everything. It happened to me especially when I enabled/disabled the developer mode.
However, after the app loads everything, I can see the menu or, as you mentioned, it appears after opening again the device details.
I’ll report it to see if there’s something that the team can do, but it seems like an expected behavior because the app is loading when it happens.
Just to get more background, did this happen using the 84 version of the app? (the current one is 85)

It doesn’t happen with every device. It’s random.
I have same model bulb almost everywhere. First couple that I checked had Driver in menu. 4th or 5th one did not. I went back to detail page twice to get Driver menu. This was happening before latest app