Is there an Edge driver for the EcoSmart 4 button remote?

EcoSmart remote
(remote in this image)

I have two of these and they are the last devices I need to switch over to Edge drivers.
Searched the Community forum but didn’t find anything yet…

Also can’t remember how to reset and pair them with Smartthings…

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Stock SmartThings Zigbee button driver. I have couple dozens of those.
Also there is custom driver, that looks better than Stock

WOW! Thanks @milandjurovic71
I got the EcoSmart 4 button remote to work.

I deleted the device from the app
I clicked the large “+” and selected “Add a device”
I chose “Select from list of devices” and selected “SmartThings”
Then I selected Remote/Button
It showed a screen the single SmartThings button and I clicked “Start”
I used a straight pin to push the reset pin thru the hole in the battery cover

It added the device defaulting the name to EcoSmart Remote Control.
I clicked the device tile/icon to get to the settings:
There are five groups - Main, Button1, Button2, Button3, Button4
I did not assign any action to Main
I set up the other four actions and backed out of the setup.

They all work perfectly!!
I did the same with my other remote as well.

The “Driver” screen shows it as Zigbee Button with SmartThings as the developer.
The Groovy IDE shows the Type as placeholder like the Edge driver devices.

Has anyone’s button 4 recently stopped working on the ecosmart remotes? When i hit button 4, button 3 registers the press. These were working great until recently. Ive tried the ST edge driver as well as the community driver.

Still working for me… It does, with some devices, still throw an occasional button 2 or 3 press, as button 4 has been known to do.

I did notice that my driver is showing as Zigbee Button Groups from Lrmulli Alpha Channel. Not sure if that’s what I installed or not, I suppose I must have.

I’ll get around to reprogramming a few with a different driver and see if anything odd is happening.

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