New Yale Home app and Smartthings

Yale have got a new app now calle Yale Home ( before Yale Access).
When i use the new app my Yale Linus with Yale connect doesnt work.
Anybody here that know if this is oossible.
When I search in Smartthings app only Yale Access xan be found.
If i add my lock Yale Linus i doesnt show upp in smartthings.

If the Yale Linus uses a Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, you can try connecting to the August app and see if that integration will import the Yale Linus Lock. It may or may not work. Yale owns August and the wifi bridge should work in both the Yale and August apps.

did Add Device > Yale > Yale Access Wifi not work or is it available to you?

Yale access app is still found i Smartthing but this is the “old app” that stops working 1/7. The new app is called Yale Home but can not be found in smartthing.

You may want to contact Yale support on this issue.

I contacted yale support. bad service, but they said to wait because yale linus will be available again on smartthings. we don’t know when but. the service has already disappeared for two months

Is yale linus allready/again supported and working without issues?

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