Smartthings won't recognize my phillips hub

I’m just getting started with Smartthings. I set up my smarthings hub and phillips hub. I added my phillips hub to smartthings and it found 3 of my 4 phillips hue bulbs. Trying to get it to add the fourth bulb I deleted the phillips hub and tried to re-add it but now it can’t find it at all.

The android ui is driving me a little crazy.

  1. I go to add a phillips hue bulb I choose “connect now.”
  2. A new dialog comes up and says 'Select Hue Bridge (0 found)"
  3. The little arrow at the right turns green and the next button is enabled, but it is still clearly polling for something since the progress spinner keeps appearing and disappearing over and over every couple seconds. I can leave this here and it will stay like this for 20 minutes
  4. Clicking next takes me to a screen that says to push the button on my phillips hub. I do this and again it just keeps polling forever. I don’t know what is really going on here since it said 0 hubs found. The Done button is enabled here. Pressing it takes me back to the start.
  5. Pressing the popup screen that says “(0 hubs found)” takes me to a black screen with an enabled Done button again. Pressing Done takes me back to the start. And endless cycle accomplishing nothing.

I can only guess that deleting the phillips hub has prevented re-adding it somehow. I rebooted both the smartthings hub and the phillips hub.

Both my phillips hub and my smartthings hub are working

  1. I downloaded the phillips Hue app on my android phone. It sees the hub and all my bulbs and can control them.
  2. I can add my sonos speakers via the smarththings app.

Very frustrating first experience, on the verge of returning my smartthings hub, and all the sensors I got.

Need help.


There is a new known issue if you delete the Phillips hub. They’re working on it. See:

Write so they can let you know if there’s anything you need to do on your side.

Thanks for the quick reply, this drove me nuts for a couple hours today.

This is still broken. Any update on when this fix will be live?

Having the identical problem started on the same day even. THIS NEEDS FIXED!!!

It gets fixed for a while, then it breaks again, then it gets fixed for a while, then it breaks again. Several times in the last year.

The current discussion thread is here:

also if you get all bulbs but a few they may have been left paired to another hub or already paired. recommend you get the lutron connected remote to reset zigbee bulbs…

And I am not sure it was the Philips Hub firmware update as I had not applied it when the hues went wonky!

So would you say it’s safe it upgrade on the hue side my bridge has had a update for over a week now,but I didn’t want to update cause I thought it would break ST

I plead the fifth amendment on that! :wink: