Smartthings Hub not discovering a couple bulbs

I finally got around to connecting my Smartthings hub. I have been running off my Echo Plus. Now, I knew Smartthings wouldn’t cooperate with the Tp-Link outlets I have, however I can’t seem to get the hub to find a Phillips Hue bulb and a Sengled Bulb. I can still see them on the Alexa App. But when using the Smartthings App, during discover new devices, its not finding these two bulbs. Any suggestions?

The Echo Plus acts as a hub as well and you can only pair devices to just one hub. Is your Phillips Hue connected to a Hue Bridge? You may need to remove and reset the Sengled Bulb to pair with the SmartThings hub.

After posting this question and digging a little while waiting for a reply… am I understanding you need a Phillips Hue bridge in order to add to the Smartthings Hub? Isn’t it a little deceiving to say Phillips Hue bulbs work with Smartthings, when in fact they won’t truly communicate with each other without a separate bridge? I mean, yes they are compatible, but you follow the links on the Smartthings website to see what items are compatible and you see phillips hue listed there and no mention of neededing a separate hub. I’m confused and disappointed right now. Just looking for some direction.

Jimxenus it is not connected to a Phillips Hue bridge. Currently only connected to the Echo Plus hub.

Yes, you are generally correct and the recommended way to connect a Hue bulb with SmartThings is through their Hue Bridge. It is possible to connect a Hue bulb directly with the SmartThings hub with some community written device handler but I also read somewhere that not only do you lose all the cool things that you can do with a Hue bulb (using Phillips Hue 3rd party software), it’s almost impossible to remove it from the SmartThings hub once paired.

I’m not familiar with the Echo Plus and how it connects to bulbs, but I’m sure that you’ll have to remove it and unpair it so that it can be paired with another hub.

Gotcha. So if I’m understanding correctly, in order to open the full range of Smartthings along with Philips Hue, i should consider getting the hue bridge and connect things through the two of them. I think at that point, Alexa will still recongize everything and you can control using voice as well as through the apps. Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate the advice. Still very new to the home automation world. Probably won’t be the last time I’m on here looking for direction

Yes, many people think that just talking to Alexa to turn thing on and off is HA (and admittedly it is cool), but too me, true HA is when you don’t have to tell your “smart house” anything and it automatically does it for you. The good thing is that you can accomplish that with SmartThings. On a side note, I do have an extra Hue bridge (it’s new that I accidentally bought in a kit, I just wanted the bulbs) that I can sell for cheap if you’re interested. Just PM me.

Once again… Thank you for the advice. Baby steps for me :wink: I’ll send that PM and see about taking that bridge off your hands.