Smartthings cannot find hue hub

hi there. bit of a novice user dipping feet in world of zwave automation. i have a smarthing hub which is connected to a bunch of arlo cameras and door sensors and that works fine. i got phillips hue bridge and bulbs across a few rooms and these work just fine on the hue app/ hub. however, as i want to create automations running from ST to run hue bulbs, i tried connecting the hue to ST and it is a dead end. do what i may, i just cannot get ST to recognise hub. i follow the standard steps trying to add the devices by brand on the app and it just gets nowhere. any tips please?

make sure they ST hub and Hue bridge are on the same local network. Might even need to make sure neither is behind any kind of separate network switch.

they are both plugged in to the router and phone is on wifi… when i check the live log when i am trying to discover the hue hub, it just does not seem to be registering on ST. the one strange entry i see is this but i dont know what it means:

UNEXPECTED COMMAND: ManufacturerSpecificReport(productTypeId: 3, manufacturerId: 881, manufacturerName: null, productId: 164)

First, you are selecting Philips hue with SmartThings hub and not the option without?

Second, try rebooting your router and ST hub

Third, hopefully you don’t have the 1st generation hue bridge.