Philips Hue Bulb and Bridge Integrations Issue

good morning,

I bought two Philips Hue Bulb and a Philips Bridge. When I try to connect on smartthings app, I choose Philips Hue without Smartthings Hub (I don’t have it) and the app make a forward to philips web site. I put my user and password, I clicked on accept smarthings control but everytimes I had the same answer like on the picture (somethings went wrong).

Can someone helpme to solve this issue?

@erickv do you have any idea?

Thanks so much

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I made the same steps on this video but the result it’s always something went wrong

Hi, @c.tondi

This error is being triggered because the SmartThings hasn’t been able to reach the server that will provide your device’s integration.

I recommend you to contact Phillips Hue support service and let them know about this error. They should be able to access the logs generated to track the issue.

@erickv thanks for your suggest. I will try to contact Philips support and I let you know.

I called Philips support and they told me they can’t help me because they can ensure and check only the correct working flow inside Philips Hue app and they can’t analize the smartthings integration.

So, how can analize the issue on other way?

Any idea?

To understand if the issue is on my side or on server side, can someone else do the same steps for bulb integration and tell me the result?


Good morning,

with a collegue I try to create e new smartthings account and a new Philips account. He can add, with no problem, Hue Bulb on smartthings envoirement.
So next test, we made with my account on smartthings and my colleague’s account on Philips. With this configuration it’s not possible to add a bulb.
Next step, my colleague’s account on smartthings and my account on philips. With this configuration we can add the device.
So the result is… there is something on my smartthings account which create the issue.

How can I solve it?

@erickv please, can you help me to solve it?


Tagging @SamsungZell .

I am also having this problem and looking for some guidance on a fix.

I got similar error after migrating to new smartthing app and I suspect it is due to my smartthing/Samsung account doesn’t match the region in my Hue account,
Smartthing support was able to resolve it for me at last but I have Hue in the old app and was trying to add again in the new app