SmartThings App LIVE for Android and iOS

(April Wong) #1

The wait is over!

The new SmartThings app is now live. If you already have the SmartThings app, you’ll automatically receive an upgrade over the next hour or two. Your existing setup will continue to work as expected. There are some changes in the navigation, but it should be pretty straightforward. If have any confusion, this support article will help you find what you’re looking for, and of course we’re always available at

If you have not downloaded SmartThings, this is a great time to check it out. The new app has an intuitive design and lots of great new features, including enhanced rooms and device views, and a rich new solution called Smart Home Monitor.

(Eric R) #2

Is there a way to see what mode it is in? I know we have to change the mode through routines, but how do I know what mode it is in?

(Kris Schaller) #3

Under the “Home” icon (four small squares that make up one bigger square) you should see mode on the left.

(Scott Windmiller) #4

Here @kris?

Am I missing something?

(Scott Windmiller) #6

Sorry, apparently I just had to “pull down” and the mode shows.

(Jason Mok) #7

I’m a sad Windows Phone user :sob: .

(Gus) #8

how can I change the order of the rooms on the Home screen and the tiles for the routines?

I can’t figure out how to slide them up/down.

(Ron S) #9

I am trying to figure that out in my brain in reverse alphabetical order! :wink:

(Scott Windmiller) #10

When you see the list of rooms, click the 3 dots on the top right, click re-order and you can re-order from there.

(Gus) #11

@smart that helps with rooms, thanks. how about routines?

(Scott Windmiller) #12

Sorry but I don’t see a way to sort those. Maybe someone else does.

(Ron S) #13

This is one area I hate in the new app… Huge icons! That should be one fouth of the size and I wear glasses to read!

(Gus) #14

does anyone else have an issue with the contrast of the new font against the white background? It is difficult to see easily; it would be better if the font were bolder or darker.

(Kris Schaller) #15

Routines do not have the ability to customize icons or reorder.

(Ron S) #16

But any.chance to make those smaller?

(Gus) #17

@kris then they are useless if i have to scroll thru a list of them to get the one i want quickly. I added a bunch so that I can use them with my watch.

(Scott Windmiller) #18

I think what they were going for based off the videos was being able to open the app and easily click a Routine like as you were leaving the house (alarm). That’s just my guess though.
Not sure how I feel about them yet, I have to start using them. All my HH phrases were triggered automatically before so I may try some manually.

(Kris Schaller) #19

Will feed this feedback up to appropriate parties. Thanks!

(Ron S) #20

A little bit of sexiness is a must as we say in Wall Street apps! Ecobee got this to some extent. Minimal but sexy! I am a ux designner/architect for Wall Street firms…will work for ST in exchange of devices and a seat next to @april. :slight_smile:

(Scott Windmiller) #21

Re-ordering would be nice too :smile: