Smartthings coming to the microsoft store? Real, or hoax?

This would make me quite happy. Will it actually happen?


Could be real, the two companies went into a big joint venture last year designed to let the Samsung appliances work with some Microsoft projects. So since the Samsung appliances now work through the same app that the other SmartThings stuff does, maybe it’s an extension of that. But I don’t know for sure.


Honestly I’d not only say likely, but inevitable, why?

Because the ARM build is ALREADY in the store:

It’s been there since at least last summer and if you have an ARM based Win10 device like a Surface Pro X - knock yourself out. All they really need to do is open up Visual Studio and re-compile the app for x64…


so im wondering if an old tablet running windows 8 would be able to pull down this app???

I’d say probable. Like JD said, they started that alliance together and there seems to be some other Samsung apps that have recently been published. Could be useful for working from home!

im waiting for it to update. hadnt been turned on in about 1 year or so. O.o

Yup, it’s real, It asks for a redeem code,


Wonder how to get a code to redeem? I spend more time on my PC than my phone. I’m an old dude!

This is the old version of the Windows SmartThings app for ARM based devices. You can tell since it’s several UI revisions behind (icons totally different, assigning colors to devices)