Smartthings Windows APP is now available in the Microsoft Store (May 2021)

I see the same issues in the Web access.

Yup. But at least the web version is still technically Beta.

Is there a way to download this outside of the Windows store? My company blocked Windows store downloads on my laptop.

My windows app updated to version 1.21192.2.0 on May 18th. Only difference I can find if the FAQ and contact us links are fixed. I have a support ticket in for scene not showing up and they seem to think they Windows app might be using the wrong version of the API for scenes :grimacing:

The FAQ is interesting to read

basically some things may not work

Nice to see this available for Windows, but geeziz I can’t think of a better way to get people to be delete it than to have tiles that you can’t click to check/change status etc… But hey I can at least turn on and off a few lights.

At least it’s a start.

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Anyone else getting error when installing? Gets to 99% but no matter how many times I try it never finishes.


Amazingly since it has not worked for me for such a long time Smartthings for Windows now works!
It is still missing many functions so it only really turns devices on and off.