Smartthings WiFi setup (Australia)

Recently got a Smartthings WiFi (model below). The setup up instructions are very minimal. I am not sure if I plug it straight into my existing WiFi router, or if this is designed to replace it.
I am in Australia and have what in known here as Fibre to the Premise NBN (FTTP) connection, which I believe terminates at a box in my house that is now basically a modem, from that I had a Ethernet cable to the WAN port on a WiFi router.
How does the Smartthings WiFi fit into this setup. I’ve plugged it into a LAN port on my router, it worked, but had the old network and the new network (is that mesh?).
I’ve also tried going from the box on wall (modem?) to the smartthings WiFi, but it says there is no internet connection…
Smartthings WiFi model - ET-WV525B

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Unfortunately, there are a lot of variables here, as different ISPs have different configurations or requirements. Some do, indeed, require you to continue to use their Router.

I suggest contacting your ISP Customer Service and tell them you are replacing your WiFi Router and see if they can offer general instructions.

I was able to plug mine SmartThings WiFi directly into my Fibre Modem Ethernet. That’s the assumed default configuration - though I think Plume is smart enough to determine if it is being connected directly to the ISP or to another Router (I think that’s called “bridge mode”?).

Hopefully you’ll get a response from someone with your same ISP.

Just sharing that, indeed, at least in my case and plenty of others, connecting directly to the fibre “modem” does work - but only if your ISP does not require special configuration / login information from their proprietary (rental?) Router.

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Thanks for the reply!
Maybe more info will help.
ISP: iiNet
And I am already using a third party router (Dlink Viper).

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Perhaps research here:

i.e., If connecting directly to the ISP Modem, do not use “Bridge Mode”.

Mine is set to “Auto Mode” and works, per earlier description.

If switching between connecting to your Router vs connecting to your ISP Modem, you may have to do a factory reset or something. I dunno - I’ve never switched.

That’s one problem with this system: They don’t expose the configuration details very clearly; everything is supposed to be automatic. Calling SmartThings support may be necessary to get a recommendation.

From what I hear from Nest WiFi keep your current router (DLink) then connect your Smartthings WiFi to your Dlink Ethernet Port by using the ethernet cable