Smartthings WiFi plug only works with the new app, but won’t work with the classic and harmony

So I just got 2 new plugs, first ones that are WiFi connected. [Those](Samsung SMARTPLUG/GP-WOU019BBAWU / GP-WOU019BBAWU / Smart Plug Outlet SmartThings Outlet
So my issue is this, it does work with the new Smartthings app, but it only show as on with the older app. Trying to bring one of them to Logitech Harmony, Harmony can see it but will give me a message “no connection”. I have another plug (zwave) with Harmony that works fine.
So to me Harmony is having the same issue as the classic app and is trying to pull whatever info the same way the classic app is doing, while the new app work.

Any help please?

Probably nothing that can be done until Harmony moves their integration over to use the new API.

I see, thanks for the reply. So I understand that Harmony have to fix this on they end. But is there anyway to make these plugs to work with the older app? If this could be done, harmony would work too. I just saw this about a different product:

At first, it didn’t seem to work natively with Smartthings. It would pair, then report an unknown status. However after using the web based API for ST, I was able to view the device, and change its type from “2015 Samsung Smart TV” to "SmartPower Outlet

Maybe something I can change in the IDE to make it work?


I just noticed that these new plugs are connected to the cloud while all the other ones are local. I might just return them and order zwave or Zgibee ones

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