New Harmony Integration?

I was perusing the facebook groups today and came across a post about a new Harmony integration. You set it up from the Harmony app, but users are reporting it then shows up in Smartthings. Is this the replacement from the legacy Connect app? Anyone have any luck with it?

Just did this. I added one of my SmartThings lights to Harmony and can control it for the Harmony app. Even dimming works!

Not sure how I will use this just yet, but those working on the Alexa integration take note. The way you can select which individual devices are exposed and can be controlled by Harmony is exactly how I would want the Alexa integration to work.


Did you have the old connect harmony skill already configured in SmartThings? Did you disable the it prior to adding the new one? I’m curious how the new one shows up under SmartThings. I don’t foresee a lot of use in SmartThings stuff in harmony, I prefer all my automations sit in SmartThings and call routines in harmony. Old integration is working fine, didn’t know if there were any new features with the new one.

I don’t see anything new here? Adding SmartThings to the Harmony app integrates your SmartThings devices into Harmony. That’s been available for a while. But it doesn’t add your Harmony activities to SmartThings. That can only be done via the classic app.

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I can confirm that this was the case for me. I tried (without success) to add the Logitech Harmony (Connect) app on both the Smartthings New and Classic Apps. I had the Smartapp published on my IDE, but it wouldn’t let me install it on the App.

However, once I went into Harmony and connected Smartthings to it, the Harmony (Connect) magically showed up on my Smartthings app.

If I am understanding this thread correctly, you can add the harmony connect in the new app and control lights through the harmony hub but can not control the harmony hub through ST? All I want is to be able to turn my harmony connected TV off via a ST automation.
Side note: When I add the harmony connect in ST, I click on the add credentials and I get an error message but I can click next and link my lights to harmony hub.