Smartthings outlet never detected by V2 hub

This is the new Samsung Smartthings outlet. I was able to get all my gear converted over but this new outlet that shipped with the hub will not get picked up by the hub. It’s right next to it. Tried the reset function as well. (Holding the button down while plugging it in) Still didn’t work. Not sure what the deal is. I understand it is a ZigBee device… I have a mix of both Zwave and ZigBee.

Anyone else running into issues with this device?

Took me a few times resetting it by holding down the button while plugging it in to get it to connect. I was holding the button too long, I think.

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Oh OK. Ill give that a shot today and see what happens. Thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks! This worked. I was just holding the button too long while plugging it in.

Awesome! Glad to hear that helped :smile: