New Samsung Plugs won't add

V3 Hub
New app

I bought one Samung smart plug last week and added it in with no problems. Just bought another 3 and having problems adding them. If I plug it in and scan, the app finds nothing.

If I scan the QR code or add it through the UI by choosing Smartthings and the outlet then it comes up with the screen as per the attached. I tap the blank blue button and it asks for a room. Then says “Processing” for a few seconds and goes back to the add device screen. If I then go back to the dashboard, the device isn’t there. This is the same on 3 brand new plugs.

Others have reported similar issues…

That thread is about wifi plugs. Mine are the 7A-PL-Z-J3 Zigbee ones.

Have you tried the scan method of pairing? Instead of selecting the outlet from the list/using the QR code, try hitting the scan button on the upper right, and then putting the plug into pairing mode (hold the connect button for 5 seconds until it flashes 3 times). It should flash red and green while it’s attempting to connect, and eventually pop up as a device in the app.

Sorted it. Added it in using the classic app. If they can’t make their own devices work with their own app then it doesn’t bode well. Unless the new app starts to become a lot more stable, and if they retire the classic, then they’re going to find that their own ecosystem implodes.

Yep, I tried that as well. It didn’t find any devices on the new app

Trying with the classic app was going to be my next suggestion. Glad you were able to get them paired.