SmartThings WiFi... No WiFi

For two days now I have had no Internet from SmartThings WiFi.

My modem shows up ok in my ISP’s app.
But the plume app for the ST WiFi shows ‘network outage’

Actually, I cant even connect to the WiFi network. It seems like someone at Samsung pressed the wrong button during an update and the WiFi radios in the ST WiFi were shut off.

I tried rebooting the router and it’s giving me the same error in the plume app.

Anyone else have this problem?

What country are you in? There was a major outage, apparently through most of Europe and the UK, until just a couple of hours ago.

Smartthings down? 1st Feb 2024 - #85 by Jeff_Gallagher

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I’m in the other EU… Etas Unis.

Ok. So maybe related, maybe not. But I haven’t heard anybody else report anything specific to the plume model. :thinking:

If there was a problem, it’s no longer happening. I can connect to my home network remotely and everything is up and running.