Smartthings WiFi Hubs - Big Outage! (August 14, 2020)

I’ve got clients reporting a strange issue where phones and tablets are not connecting to WiFi. This is occurring at multiple sites, multiple accounts, and multiple separate instances.

Anyone else seeing this? Not sure what to do if it’s a Plume issue, they always kick the ball back into the DT court when I contact them.

@Brad_ST I’m seeing other users report this issue on Reddit as well. Something’s up.

Update: Hubs show online, WiFi network is up, but no internet connection. Issue has become widespread.

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SmartThings WiFi users may be experiencing issues with internet connectivity at this time. We are actively investigating and will provide more details as are available.

Posted 2 minutes ago. Aug 14, 2020 - 15:49 EDT


About time! No response from ST support so far today. Glad they’ve acknowledged it.

Seems like the AI issue came back this morning (Outage at Sept 10, 2020 @6AM ET, resolved through this fix)

After further investigation from our teams, the issue has been identified to come from Plume’s AI Security functionality. We are in contact with Plume to get full functionality restored for users. In the meantime, users can go into their AI Security settings in the Plume mobile app and disable these settings to restore internet connectivity. We will provide further updates as available.

Posted 26 days ago. Aug 15, 2020 - 00:08 EDT

Taking a look at the history, it looks a little brutal.

  • 3 incidents in July
  • 10 incidents in August
  • On track for 18+ incidents in September (six incidents in 10 days)

I wonder why in most incidents, ST doesn’t explain why the back-end broke down, unlike the recent Plume incident. Glad to see the issues acknowledged and not hidden away, but it’d be reassuring to understand why things fail and how Samsung can prevent these issues in the future.