Smartthings wifi hub hidden firewall? Internet fine but can't reach local IP servers

I’m so frustrated. After months of working fine, yesterday I woke up and my SmartThings wifi hub seems to have been auto-updated and now isn’t working. Wifi hub is plugged into a simple home router as well as some home servers. Nothing fancy. It all worked out of the box but as of today while wired and ST Wifi (Auto-Bridge) clients through router can all get to the Internet only Wired connections can find each other. E.g., a wifi client cannot visit if it’s wired.

Rebooted everything. Factory reset Hub out of desperation and started again. Internet access is fine but home IP access is still not.

I run a pi-hole DNS ad blocker on a wired connection to router and while wired clients to router can use it no ST wifi clients can ping it at all. No route.

Anyone have any ideas? It seems similar to this:

(I’m in Canada, with Plume, mesh with 3 pods, 2 are wireless. Hub is wired to Router.)