SmartThings wifi DNS issue

I have 3x ST wifi hubs, model ET-WV525 (running plume). This afternoon all my wifi devices started to go offline. A reboot resolved it, but only for a few minutes.

My devices successfully connect to ST wifi, but exhibit “internet down”-like symptoms. Doing some troubleshooting from my laptop while connected to ST wifi, turns out I can ping Internet IP addresses (such as Google DNS,, but all my DNS queries fail.

Wired devices that go straight into my router work without issue. If you are connected into the main ST hub Out/LAN port, you experience the same issues as when connected to ST wifi. I even borrowed the main ST hub In cable, which comes from my router, and my laptop performs fine.

Tried to manually set different DNS servers on my laptop wifi adapter, no change. Pointing nslookup to different DNS server IP addresses (that are pingable) all fail for wifi connected devices.

Wired devices are OK. I’m fairly confident this is a ST wifi/plume issue.

Done the reboots of all devices, issue persists. ST support told me to do a “long reboot” - leave the hubs powered down for 10 minutes, no change.

Any troubleshooting ideas are appreciated. Thank you.

There was an issue last week with the wifi hubs…

Do report the issue to ST support.

not sure if you can follow the same guidelines as last week but worth a try:

–> users can go into their AI Security settings in the Plume mobile app and disable these settings to restore internet connectivity

Aug 18, 2020

SmartThings WiFi Internet Connectivity Issues

Resolved - Issues with internet connectivity for SmartThings Wifi users have been resolved. The Plume team released a fix and users can now go back into the Plume mobile app and re-enable the AI Security settings. Please contact us via if you have any questions.
Aug 18, 14:05 EDT

Identified - After further investigation from our teams, the issue has been identified to come from Plume’s AI Security functionality. We are in contact with Plume to get full functionality restored for users. In the meantime, users can go into their AI Security settings in the Plume mobile app and disable these settings to restore internet connectivity. We will provide further updates as available.
Aug 15, 00:08 EDT

Investigating - SmartThings WiFi users may be experiencing issues with internet connectivity at this time. We are actively investigating and will provide more details as are available.
Aug 14, 15:49 EDT

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Thank you for your response.

I did read about that issue. I thought it was a little strange experiencing it 6 days later, but I did try disabling the “Online Content Experience” options, “Block ads” and “Secure and protect” for all devices/people… waited a bit, no change. Reboot the hubs, connect to ST wifi when it comes up and it’s good!.. For about 5 minutes, then everything fails again.

I have submitted a ST support ticket and will see where I get!

My issue continues after a week. My ticket with Smartthings support (1025450) was escalated within minutes, but I have received no contact from them and every call is responded with “it has been escalated, there is nothing else we can do”…

Obviously not a very widespread issue, but I have seen some other reports out in the wild.

Can anyone suggest anything that will help me get this looked at? Can you help @Brad_ST ?

Thank you

Update Just in case anybody else has this issue happen to them. Please contact Plume support on the phone (online requests will be denied for SmartThings users) 18667562441, option 2 for urgent requests. Plume support is able to disable the AI security Privacy mode, which is what is causing this issue to occur. Sadly, Canadian users running the “Plume for SmartThings Wifi” app (which has not been updated since Nov 2018) do not have the toggle switch in their app to disable this setting that is causing the issue! Yes this is exactly the same ST wifi issue that occurred from Aug 14-18, but was firmware pushed to my hubs on Aug 23 -

Just had the issue come up again. I called Plume (through Samsung) and was told this was the first the rep had heard that disabling the AI security setting would fix the issue. (eyeroll)

They were familiar with the DNS issue. Disabling AI security is a server-side setting, not accessible to consumers. (Different than the IOT AI option on the app). So if you have this issue you have to call in.

Same indicators as above, I was able to ping, but nslookup failed.

Fix was to have Plume disable the AI security for DNS and reboot SmartThings WiFi. Note that nslookup worked for about a minute , then went down and I had to wait about 15-20 minutes for the DNS resolution to come back on. I guess that’s how long it took the Plume server to catch up. It seems to be working now.