Smartthngs Wifi no DNS in Auto (Bridge)

Hi my wifi hub seems to have issues with wifi internet. If I log in through my phone’s data I can see the hub is online and it says it is running fine. But if I try and use a laptop or phone on my wifi network the phone says internet unavailable and the laptop says unable to resolve domain name. I’ve tried rebooting but would prefer not to have to factory reset if I don’t have to. It just started happening when I reboot the hub to reconnect to a sensor.

Edit: so connected to my wifi i can google search via the app but not load any pages, this smells like some sort of internet restriction, could my plume app be doing this?

I’m having the same issue, on both wired and wifi connections. i had to reboot after my cable internet went down. since then, the main hub appears online, but none of my devices can access the internet, and the sub hubs can’t connect to the main. called ST support, and they told me this is a known issue, but tier 1 support doesn’t know how to fix it. they escalated my ticket and now i’m waiting for one of the higher level support folks to call me back and hopefully resolve it.


After further investigation from our teams, the issue has been identified to come from Plume’s AI Security functionality. We are in contact with Plume to get full functionality restored for users. In the meantime, users can go into their AI Security settings in the Plume mobile app and disable these settings to restore internet connectivity. We will provide further updates as available.

Posted 9 hours ago. Aug 15, 2020 - 00:08 EDT


SmartThings WiFi users may be experiencing issues with internet connectivity at this time. We are actively investigating and will provide more details as are available.

Yes I worked it out yesterday that it was the AI security.