SmartThings web login issues

Hey all,

I’m having some issues logging into the SmartThings web console, hXttps:// I’m also seeing the same issue coming in via other website like hXttps://

On submitting my email address I’m running into a “The webpage didn’t respond to the request in time. IAMGCSaeucentral1_1718154588041_99999-9412091390.999” error message. If I route through the US or UK I get the same issue but with a different region in the error message. Both attempt to auth via hXttps://, but it looks like this route is broken.

I can login fine via hXttps://, which redirects to hXttps://… prompts for my password and works fine.

Kinda looks like Samsung have rolled out a new API and have failed to update the incoming API routes from SmartThings services…

It’s working fine for me. Why do you have an X in all of your URLs? :thinking:

Because new users can only post a single link apparently.

Looks like it’s working intermittently, I’ve had a couple of successful logins and a lot of fails.

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hi i too have trouble logging in all i get is


I’ve had this misleading error message (“The webpage didn’t respond to the request in time”) several times in the last two years.

The first time was that Samsung broke something on their end. It kept happening until they unbroke it (with no change on my part).

The more recent time was that my ad-blocker was preventing some tracking junk from loading. Whitelisting and fixed that.


thanks worked for me too.

It’s happened to me for over a month, nobody will admit to any changes on Samsung’s side but it’s clearly blocking certain browser configs that block trackers.