[error login] Couldn't load webpage (only with my chrome browser with my account)

Every attempt to log into my Smartthings account gives me an error. This happens on all sites tested: CLI, Samsung account, Samsung account
this is the error:
Couldn’t load webpage

The webpage didn’t respond to the request in time.

※ IAMGCSaeucentral1_1691854929208_99999-7608429958.999


This only happens with chrome set up with my account. If I try with my wife’s account it works, and even if I try to switch browsers it works, so I think it’s related to some chrome error. I cleared the cache but it doesn’t change. What could I try?

Sorry you can delet it. Turn Off the adblock and autentification worked fine

Saw the same thing last night and opened a support ticket with Samsung - thank you for identifying adblock, it was too late last night and I didn’t think to check adblock. looks like they added content from datadome.co

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