Samsung Water Sensor - Notification issues

I just bought 5 new Samsung water sensors, since I had had good luck with my first one when we were out of town last year. I was able to get the new sensors set up without issue and decided to test them before placing them in their locations. I wanted to be sure they were detecting water…and I was being notified.

I placed the sensor on a paper towel and poured a bit of water onto the paper.

A couple of them do not detect the moisture at all.

A couple of them DO detect moisture, which I can see if I open the SmartThings mobile app and check the dashboard, However I do NOT receive a text message.

One of them detected moisture AND sent a text message notification…with reminders every hour! However, I don’t know how to reset or clear this! I used to be able to when I used the app last year.

Can someone help? We leave town tomorrow!! Thanks!

For the one giving repeated reminders, it sounds like you have to clear the alert in SHM. Open the home solution section on the dash board and dismiss the alarm. This should turn the notifications off and clear the leak alert. The others sensors alerts maybe listed there too.

If they aren’t listed there, check the SHM setup to make sure they are included in the leak section (use all leak sensors slider, or selected ones you want to momitor)