HomeSeer Leak Sensor push notifications

I have a HomeSeer HS-LS100+ leak sensor.
I was able to include it in my network automatically by scanning. That part is great! I thought I was going to have to install a HomeSeer device handler for this device.
The problem I am having is it is sending a push notification everytime it changes from wet to dry and back again. It is a bit over sensitive so I will create a Piston in WebCore to do what I need.
How can I disable the push notification for this device? I have over 50 devices and not one defaults to sending a push notification. I looked in the IDE, the classic app, and the new app… no luck.


In the new app, upper left hamburger menu > settings gear> turn off for that sensor.

Is it the “Notifications” slider to off? I don’t see any sensors listed there.

So it appears that you have to “add” SmartThings Home Monitor and then disable the push notifications for leak sensors from/in there. I think that is the real long way around for this. I really don’t want SmartThings Home Monitor installed… UGH…

Pretty sure all my devices appeared there without STHM installed. But it’s been a while.

Got it. We were missing one step.

In the new app, upper left hamburger menu > settings gear>Notifications> turn off for that sensor.

It is weird that every other device is in there and the slider for notifications is on, but I don’t get a push notification from any of them. Hopefull this will work and I’ll uninstall STHM.

Thanks for the help!!

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So… It kind of worked… I don’t get the push notifications on my phone anymore but all of my other users do. Has to be a way to stop the push notifications from SmartThings for everyone instead of having to do this with each phone.

Nope, got to do it on each phone. I just added a new leak sensor without it being in STHM, and I had to do that to my wife’s and daughter’s phone.

This happens with smoke detectors as well, and Samsung products like clothes washers and dryers.

That’s really inconvenient that by default a device would cause smart things to send a push notification. What do you think about this angle? I installed smart things home monitoring and disabled push notifications. It might be the long way around but it might work.