Smartthings Version 2 Hub Randomly turns off lights late at night

My smartthings hub randomly dims and then turns off my lights light at night… e.g. midnight or later. I have no idea why. I look in the event history and nothing stands out. I have no automations.

Im paranoid someone hacked my hub, but it ONLY occurs late at night as if its trying to save power? Any thoughts?

Brand and model of the lights?

Do you have an echo device?

Have you checked the IDE to see if there are any smart lights rules associated with the devices? (The IDE won’t show you automations created through the + in the smartthings app, but it may show you some of the older style rules.)

I have

smart rules
smart tiles

but both have no automations set in place for the switches.

They are Jasco dimmer switches.

I have an echo, but it is currently unplugged.

I don’t know what “smart rules” is. :thinking: Is that the now discontinued iOS app, SmartRules (no space), or something else?

Also, did you ever turn on the “guard“ feature in Alexa? In any case, it would probably be good to go into the Alexa app and see if you have any routines set up there.

no routines in alexa…

Yeah I believe that is the smartrules app… maybe its buggy… Im going to disable it now

Sometimes “occurs late at night” means “occurs when my phone is charging or otherwise unavailable and my system thinks I’ve left the house.“

But there still has to be some rule somewhere set up to react to that.

I know it can be very frustrating to troubleshoot, especially in the new app which doesn’t give us the full list of automations associated with each device. :disappointed_relieved:

What Ive noticed … is it seems like it turns off when the heater or my tesla is charging…

is it possible that the power company is shutting down devices ?

That’s possible in some parts of the country, you would need to check with them. But it wouldn’t have anything to do with smartthings, in that case, it would just be a current reduction. You could test it by unplugging your hub for a couple of nights and see if it still happens. Then you would know it wasn’t smartthings.

Check the settings in your Alexa Mobile App ( even if your Echo is unplugged) for a new feature called “Hunches”. Make sure it is disabled.

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We have the same issue the past month or two or three or four. I can’t even remember. We wake up some mornings to find our bedside lamps turned on (Osram Lightify A19 ZigBee Bulbs), maybe the basement lights (Leviton ZWave+ Switch), or maybe the living room light (GE/Jasco Switch)…no patterns, no logic, no logs, no history…just random lights on when they should not be. Support hasn’t been helpful. I have no history in the updated app. Our ZigBee lights seem to have the most issues, but some ZWave issues at times.
In the 2-3 years prior to the forced app upgrade, we had issues once or twice a year, mostly for devices that didn’t respond. Since the forced upgrade, we have issues several times a month for devices turning on or off randomly, phantom door opening alerts, non-responsive devices, missed automations, and overall poor app performance. Its to the point that we have cameras watching all doors now since we can’t trust any alert/notice that ST sends us…we have to check the camera to confirm the door is actually still closed.


  • ST Hub v2
  • powered via a UPS
  • no external automations we are aware of
  • no Alexa integration…there is Google integration