Turn OFF lights after motion stops for "x" minutes is now available in Smart Lighting without the motion ON first

Sorry if this was already known or if was already included in release notes somewhere, but I just discovered that the Smart Lighting app now allows for this feature that I had to do in the old Lights & Switches dashboard.

@bravenel, @JDRoberts, maybe you guys knew already?

I was just able to set up a Smart Lighting condition to turn off a light after no motion was detected for 30 minutes. I know I wasn’t able to do that before, so did I miss something everyone else knew about already? That’s not an uncommon event for me…



Cool! I hadn’t seen that yet. They definitely updated the smartlight option screens for iOS, because now you can select luminance. But people were saying that wasn’t updated for android.

Maybe that’s why they haven’t been any announcements on The smart light features, not everybody will see the same thing?


Well… Don’t get too excited yet, cause even though there’s an offset, it didn’t work just now. The lights still turned off as soon as motion stopped instead of waiting 30 minutes. I’ll try again to see if it’s a quirk.

EDIT: Had to have been a quirk. See my post below. Maybe crash related? Not sure, but all other automations that I’ve set up to turn lights off after x minutes of motion are working.

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That feature isn’t working right another way, which is the default Automation name is wrong, inconsistent. It’s giving me “Lighting Automation” as the default Automation name.

But, the automation works for me…

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve set up a new one just now, and so far so good everything is working. The 2 differences between the set up you see above and the one I just did were:

  • The app crashed (as always for me) during setting this up, and I started where I left off when I started the app again.
  • The device shown above is a dimmer.

I’m leaning towards the app crashing being the root cause of the example I gave above. Maybe it caused something on the backend somewhere to not get set up right…

I take it back that it worked for me, because less than a second after it turned off the light, something turned it back on. Hmmmm. Investigating…

Update: It does seem to work. Not sure where the stray on came from, could have been operator error. And, I discovered that the default automation name is correct unless you “go back” during the automation setup, and change something after you’ve reached the name-the-automation page. It must lose track of where it is that way.


@JDRoberts, @bravenel, @slagle,

Here’s an interesting update maybe one of you can test/confirm:

Initially I thought my app crash was the root cause of the lighting automation in the first post not working, but that’s not the case.

Seems like any dimmer switch won’t work. Can one of you try a dimmer to verify before I email in a ticket? I’m going to try a GE bulb as well.

I can confirm that GE dimmers work. Didn’t try GE link yet

Crapola… That’s the kind I have… The GE Link works. I just tested that. I have two other dimmers to try…brb

Have you looked at the logs? You should see the app send the off() command, even if the switch doesn’t respond. How the app behaves doesn’t depend on the type of device.

Thanks, that’s where I’m headed cause I have no idea why a dimmer would be any different.

I’ve got a “honey do item” to get done real quick, and I’ll get back to this.

What in the world is happening? Was going to test a GE link bulb that’s currently using a contact sensor, but realized that is not working. No records in the log either. Both devices are operational. Oh and my garage door keeps opening on presence sensor every 10 to 30 min since 12 EST. If it doesn’t stop, I will need to kill the app. Are ST folks working on fixes on live servers on every Saturday? Because things have been going haywire every Saturday for a long time!!! This is ridiculous, I have better things to do than chasing logs for things that worked fine yesterday.

Ok, something really weird just happened here! I was testing this motion off scenario, and instead of turning the switches off and staying off, the lighting automation turned them off and then immediately ON! What the heck is that all about?

@bravenel said the same thing…

Oh great, a new feature, complete with new bugs. Typical!

Weird. I can see in the event log for the app where only an OFF was sent to the devices like it was suppose to do, then I see in the event log for one of the devices that magically turned on that an OFF (APP_COMMAND) was sent, and then immediately an ON (DEVICE /digital). I have no idea how or what would have done that.

@slagle - how would one title/document this in a support ticket besides built in Halloween routines invisible to us are running?

I sent in support tickets about duplicate and missing events.


The contact sensor trigger is completely broken. I restarted my hub and that did nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and that did nothing, and my car has arrived 2 more times since my last post. Very, very disappointing…

I’m sending in a ticket… Poltergeists have invaded, or ST must be having issues with the latest anything right now.

I’m just sitting on the couch and all of a sudden two devices in our guest bathroom turned ON for no reason - except these were the devices I’ve set up in Smart Lighting to turn off after 45 minutes of no motion.

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So, I pinpointed the problem, is the dimming that is broken more than before. Any Smart Light automation that has turn on/off and set level is either not working at all or it doesn’t set the level. Dimmers that were working before, now they don’t. @bravenel I know you were using one Smart Light app to set level is yours working? Anyone experiences no dimming?