Hue light turning on by themselves

Hi had several instances of my hue lights turning on by themselves now twice on the middle of the night they all turned on at full brightness which I know can be caused by a power outage but nothing else which logs stuff can I find an issue. I have also had some of them turn on randomly in the day but not all and all different brightness. I have a hue bridge connected to smartthings hub everything’s up to date and I don’t have any automatic routines. Any ideas?

Does the smartthings event log show any activity at those times?

I also have my ton of Hue bulbs tied to the Hue Bridge and also integrated into ST (native integration, no custom SmartApp) and I have never had a bulb randomly turn on by itself, ever. I do have a bunch of Routines and Pistons that turn lights on/off sunset/sunrise and other types of automation.

  1. Validate that you don’t have anything setup outside of ST. Such as the Hue app itself or maybe even IFTTT where you might have been tstong something in the past and forgot you added a light.

  2. Just to verify that you didn’t accidentally set something up in ST, open up one of the bulbs in question in Things of the Mobile app and then go to the SmartApps tab and it will show any and everything (Routines, SHM, Smart Lighting, webCoRE) that is tied to that bulb.

  3. It’s possible that a power outage / restore in the middle of the night caused it, but unlikely.

How many Hue bulbs do you have?

same issue occasionally , i wrote a rule that turns them off immediately if they turn on in the middle of the night

I have 19 Hue bulbs and several lightstrips and only one did that. It would randomly turn on for no good reason. It was a Gen 2 color bulb. I replaced with a Gen 3 and have not had the problem.

In my experience. Lights that randomly turn on are down to the motion sensor. As I’m writing this my stairs light has just turned on. Went into the app and sure enough it says, ‘motion detected’. There is absolutely nothing in the hallway that is moving. I think it’s the battery in the motion sensor running low and being temperamental