Lights have a mind of their own?

I’ve got absolutely no idea what is causing this. None of my routines are setup to turn my lights on and off without me knowing apart from the lounge, which uses a montion sensor.

For some reason, my bedside lamps will randomly come on and off. Last night they were on when went to bed, turned off themselves at around 11 and we’re then on again when I woke up.

I’ve left them on and they’ve just turned off. I’ve checked the SmartThings app and there are no messages or notifications to indicate it’s doing anything.

The bulbs are Hue bulbs, but I do t have this connected to any schedule or services like IFTTT to do this. I also have Nest kit, which I thought was maybe turning them on and off when I was away, however my Nest is still set to home so I have ruled that one out.

It’s also come to light that I have the Hue bulbs for the bedroom setup at 50% in SmartThings, yet the only scene I have in the Hue app is for 100%. Ive noticed when the bulbs come on and off they’re not at 100%, and it’s more like 50%.

Anyone got any ideas? It’s driving us nuts, and the other half is on the brink of ripping it out

Are you using Smart Home Monitor? For me, it started turning on a set of lights when it would arm and disarm, to the point I had to disable SHM. And it would set the lights to 50%.

Interesting. I am using it, however it only gets armed when I select the good night routine. It might explain why they turn on in the morning though, as it have it set to disarm at 7.30am

I have a ceiling fan with 4 hue A19 bulbs the white only ones, the bulbs are also setup to a motion sensor in the living room. When their is motion the lights come on when their isn’t motion they turn off. I have been having this same problem for weeks now . I’ll turn the fan lights off before I go to bed to make sure their off only to find , when I wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom that some how they turned back on. I have no idea why this is happening just know their coming on for no reason. Other people in this community have had the same issue so it’s probably a ST thing.

11pm tonight, just gone. Bedroom lights turn off. Not linked to any SmartThings routine though…

So, yet again. The lights go off at around 11pm and I’ve noticed they come on at around 7.30am

I don’t have anything happening at that time apart from the automated Smart Home Monitor disarming at 7.30am

Interesting enough, I’ve noticed that the lights are showing as off in smart, even though they’re on

My hub is in total meltdown mode right now. Starting at 1130 Pacific. Trying to set night mode, nothing is working. This is my worst ever crash. Hue disconnect, smart lighting devices setting alarms, SHM not changing alarm state, everything broken. I have reset hub, router, modem, Hue.

So tired of daily troubleshooting. The worst part is ST acts like they don’t believe us. Fortunately for SmartTiles, I can change alarm status and mode. Echo can control Hue lights.