Smartthings v2 Power Adapter

Our house was struck by lightning recently. Among other things (TV, monitors, ethernet ports, GFCI outlets etc.), it fried my SmartThings v2 Power Adapter. I confirmed the Power Adapter was fried by testing it with my voltmeter (and getting 0V).

A bit of a silver lining seems to be the SmartThings v2 seems to work fine if I insert 4 AA batteries (it connects to SmartThings servers using the ethernet port and I get notification that the hub has reconnected). Most devices show offline but I imagine they would reconnect eventually?

Batteries would not be a long term solution so I am looking into purchasing a new power adapter. However, before purchasing the new power adapter, I am trying to determine if any components on the board near the power jack might be burnt where a new power adapter wouldn’t help (see attached image)? The reason I am hoping to determine this before purchasing the replacement adapter is because I connected one of these (set to 5V and with a tip that most closely matched the one on the SmartThings adapter) and nothing happened when plugged in. Which made me wonder if the plugin adapter power management subsystem might be fried as well (but the battery power management subsystem might be fine?) and whether ordering the replacement power adapter might be a waste?

Appreciate any assistance / feedback / things to try out.
Thanks in advance!

If the batteries work and the adapter input is no good, what about something like this?

i have a hub like this - works on batteries, but not power. there was some discussion a while back that its a chip that is toasted. ill see if i can find the discussion topic.

There’s nothing ‘special’ about a v2 power adapter. It just provides +5 volts at up to 2 amps (center positive).

I’m not a betting man, however ill absolutely bet that your voltage regulation circuit in the hub is toast. (…and if it isn’t after a verified lightning strike - id still never trust that hub again.)

Id get a new hub and call it a day. Not worth fighting the potential issues down the line even if you can make it work with another adapter.


you can get another v2 from ebay for $30-40, cheaper (the hub) if you get it with some sensors.

My dog chewed through the cable so I replaced it with this one I got on Amazon for 11.99

5V 2A AC Adapter, SoulBay 10Watt…

If you purchase from Amazon and it doesn’t solve your problem then you could always return it. A no lose solution.

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