Smartthings hub going offline again - seems to be bad power supply cord

I just bought the home monitoring kit including the hub. got it up and running and left. the first night got a message disconnected. so stuck away from home and can’t access system. So went thought and replaced batteries as a precaution and went through all settings and it started up again and i’m good. this time it again runs about 8 hours and again get a hub offline message. Seems to have killed a second set of batteries. Now on my 3rd set of batteries and it’s running again but seems the power cord it came with is flawed. Anyone else experiencing this? I’m on my way out to see if bestbuy where I bought this has replacement power cords. Looks like IM support for ST not not open yet.

Go ahead and check with Best Buy first. If they can’t provide you with a warranty replacement, shoot a note over to our support team and we will get you taken care of.

I drove 30 miles round trip to Best Buy. They offered to sell me more batteries and a universal power cord. The cord turned out not to be universal so i’ll be returning it. I got Ben on live chat who is sending me out a replacement cord. I will be running this completely off batteries until replacement cord arrives but am able to verify that the battery backup feature works well. I will be changing out my batteries again soon for about the 4th time and can verify that they support the device for about 8 hours. I’ll watch for cord to arrive soon. thanks ben