Hub power options

My wife unplugged my v2 hub whilst we were having a clear out and moving stuff about , but then she plugged everything back in but put the wrong power adapter in to the hub , i only found out because my hub went offline , it had been working on battery power.
It will now only work with batteries and not the power supply , the adapter is ok but I’m worried she has fried something in the hub .
Can i use the adaptor somehow by connecting to the battery terminals or is this a no no .
Any advice greatly recieved

Your other option is to replace your hub, reconnect all your devices and completely reset up all your automations. Your not the first person to power the hub through the battery terminals.

If you have access to an electricians multimeter you can test the power supply adapter. If it shows as ok then this confirms the fault is in the hub itself.

The V2 hub unlike the V3 hub does have the option to run off batteries. Other than replacing those as needed or using rechargeable ones there is the following solution.

The above replaces four AA batteries with dummy ones connected to an external transformer. I checked and the V2 hub uses 4 x AA batteries so this is the model to get.

Cheers for this i will check it out