Smartthings Hub v2 battery drain issue - isolated defect?

I bought a smartthings bundle that includes the smartthings hub v2 in November 2016 from Amazon. Since then, I have been slowly expanding devices that connects to the hub. All good, until one night, there was a power fluctuation for a few seconds/minutes and I didn’t pay much attention because I thought the hub has battery backup. Since then, all sensors stopped reporting status (or hub not receiving status updates, either way). I had to manually take off all the sensors from doors and windows and manually reset them in order to reconnect (it was also a weird experience that the hub “thinks” they are connected, but they are not.)

So I thought the battery that came with the box maybe dead - measured them with a voltage meter and sure they were all dead (0.6v, 0.9v, etc.). I replaced the batteries with brand new batteries (measured 1.62v), then overnight, the brand new batteries were all drained again! The hub was connected to the UPS-backed power outlet the whole time!

The power supply that came with hub is a 5v power supply, but 4 batteries supplies 6v. I’m sure the hub has logic to check if power supply exists so don’t use battery - How long does your batteries last with the external power supply?

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Does the hub power up with just the plug? Maybe you have a bad power adapter or UPS. With a UPS. You are better off removing the batteries altogether. Otherwise doing a power rest is just a pain. I don’t have a ups and no batteries either. Too many hard power reset.

After reading a forum member’s recent report of finding leaking batteries, I checked my hub and found all batteries dead and three of the four leaking. Hub has operated about 10 months and was never without AC power, but batteries were drained anyway. I’m running my hub without batteries installed and will plug it into my UPS when I can summon the will to mess with all those plugs.

I’d advise anyone using batteries in their hub to check them if they’ve been installed a while. I had checked mine sometime during the summer (visual check only) when reports of battery leakage first surfaced; they looked fine then (but likely were completely drained).

The hub powers up with just the plug. It also runs without batteries.

I would try with batteries and power from ac plug without the UPS just to isolate it’s not the UPS.
I usually don’t feel comfortable seeing AC device with regular backup batteries. Pretty sure it’s normally safe. Just wondering how safe. I know you will say “how about them smoke detectors?”. Possible it’s a safety device and have to go with different certifications. I am just guessing of course.

Thanks for your response Ray. The first instance where the batteries were drained was not through UPS (as I mentioned that the power went out for a few minutes caused the hub to reset and lost connections to devices.)

I guess it’s time to get in contact with support. They are really good when not busy.

Long known issue with the batteries in V2 hub. Best bet is just toss them away, forget about them and stick with the UPS. IF you need to move the hub ( pair a device in another part of the house ) , put in new batteries, do what you need to do. Then plug hub back into UPS and pull the batteries back out.

Is it a “long known issue” really? I couldn’t seem to find reports of such problem - almost want to make a youtube video review about this issue.

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Thanks for the links - however the links to facebook groups don’t seem to work - redirects to group home page.

Are you in FB ST group ? Group is locked, so if not a subscriber you can’t access posts

My V2 hub went for months with the same set of batts. It now chews through a set in approximately 2 weeks, despite no power loss. This coincides (for me at least) with the zwave issues that started after a hub update.

Just checked mine - yuck - tons of corrosion. Brand new batteries a few months ago. SIGH. That’s on top of being offline for weeks. GRRRRR.

So it looks like we are getting an update to fix this!

Currently I run my V2 hub with no batteries and a UPS. For me it is easier to do a cold restart when needed.

I wonder if doing that way causes any issues?

My hub went offline today (only after 1 month)… Batteries were depleted (1.1V without corrosion) but my hub is not working without batteries… No light, no LAN link etc. Also it´s not working on batteries only (without DC power)… You are saying it might be working, right?

I’ve got this same problem. Had hub from starter kit for 1 month. Won’t work without batteries in. With power lead alone I get a red flashing light. Has to have brand new batteries in to light the network port.

E.g. power cord plugged in. New batteries in. 3 days later got red flashing light again. Reset not fixing it. Put in new batteries again and it back up and running.

Has to be a hardware fault as it should be able to work with no batteries in the dam thing. Sending back

In my case it was faulty power adapter. Now my hub working without batteries. You can try change it also.

Turned our there was a fault in the hub, as other power leads would also not work with it. The hub just blinked red. It would only work with power lead and 100% new batteries in for a few days.

Got a replacement now and its all working perfectly