SmartThings V2 Hub - All Zigbee Devices Offline HELP! (May 2024)

I have been using my SmartThings V2 Hub since 2016 and things have worked pretty well. Last weekend I shut everything down so I could completely re-work the network rack in the basement. Things were powered off for most of the day while I replaced the rack and re-racked and wired all the equipment.

When I was done and re-powered everything back up, everything came back up and worked as expected, with the only exception being the SmartThings Zigbee devices. I have tried rebooting the hub, did the hub reset, changed the hub Zigbee channel, tried resetting a couple of the Zigbee lightbulbs and re-adding them… so far nothing has worked. Lastnight I powered down the hub for a few hours and when it came back up, it was able to control one of the original Samsung smart plugs for a bit, and now that is also back to not responding. I should note that Unsecure Rejoin is set to true.

As I said, everything else is working, including non-Zigbee SmartThings devices and also my Hue hub and all of it’s devices. Anything else I can try?

I hate to say it, but it has to be related to all the driver and firmware changes that have recently been made. All of my Zigbee devices have worked flawlessly since 2016, including the numerous CREE Connected Zigbee lightbulbs.

I bet it is related to:

can you provide more details? is the v2 hub located in the rack? if yes, how close is it to other networking items such as the Wifi AP?


The V2 hub is on a shelf at the very top of the rack, far away from the network switches that are down near the bottom of the rack. There are NO WAPs in the rack, they are located upstairs at different points in the house. I should point out, this is where the V2 hub has been since 2016, for reference.

Thank you for taking the time to ask.


you tried powering off the hub… have you tried powering off zigbee devices or removing the batteries?

Yes I have. I do not have any battery powered Zigbee devices, they are all AC and there are no batteries in the V2 Hub.

Have you tried power-cycling ALL of the AC-powered Zibbee Devices? They form a Mesh Network and could be bottle-necking somewhere.

Please confirm you have a v2 Hub. Both of our v2 Hubs have a battery compartment.

Yes, I have power cycled all Zigbee devices and I have the v2 hub with no batteries in it.

I tried another reset of the v2 hub and now it sees most of the zigbee devices. There is one CREE zigbee bulb that shows offline, even after being on for 48 hours, was hoping it would re-connect to the mesh network.

There were two other bulbs that I tried experimenting with. One I reset and then have tried to add back to Smartthings with a scan, never finds it. The other bulb I removed it from smartthings and reset the bulb and tried to add that back… it never finds it.

These were some of the different ideas I found in threads here to get zigbee devices back up. I have had my v2 hub for 8 years and I have NEVER had zigbee issues. I am convinced this is the crappy new drivers they rolled out and have messed up zigbee. It appears I am not alone, as there have been several postings with folks having similar issues.

there was a discussion of the Cree bulbs yesterday and the inability to add them for another user:


Yes, I saw that thread and I don’t agree. I have had the CREE zigbee bulbs for 8 years. They have worked flawlessly until after Smartthings changed to the new driver platform; 8 YEARS!