Smartthings UK Socket Availability


I have a starter kit and wanted to add some more sockets but they seem unavailable anywhere at the moment.

Is there an issue or are they just extremely popular? Was trying to get 2 before Christmas.


Not sure about the Samsung brand. @slagle might be able to find out.

If you want an alternative brand using zigbee, The following model from hive should work as a basic zigbee on/off device

If you’re willing to also consider Z wave, Vesternet has a good selection:

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Thanks for the reply. Will the hive plug still act as a repeater for the Smartthings Zigbee network?



It’s certified for the same protocol that smartthings uses, zigbee home automation (ZHA 1.2), so it should, but I don’t know for sure.

Alot of us buy from Vesternet Adam, sometimes they sell at prices that are sensible, just had a quick look at it seems right now they are out of stock of just about most things and if they are in stock they are much too expensive… Looks like everywhere is hiking prices for Xmas

Currys prices yoyo as well, seen the ST starter kit for £200 !!! and yet a few weeks ago it was £99

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