UK Power outlets

Are there any decent (but reasonably priced) power outlets that work with SmartThings, that doesnt need another hub?

Would this work?

Remember that this device requires a custom Smart App and Device Handler. Takes 15 minutes or so to install.

Advice on any better ones?
Easier to install…works with Alexa??

Thanks in advance

I’ve used a number of Foxx Project sockets (amazon & maplins)
I’ve also got some heiman (ebay)
Both work very well and I have not had any problems with either


Any certified Z wave device on the EU/UKZ wave frequency should have basic functionality out of the box (on/off) with SmartThings. Vesternet has a good selection of these. Either Z wave or Z wave plus will work. But advanced features like energy reporting might require custom code.

The TKB brand tend to be among the least expensive, and are quite popular:

Zigbee Devices need to be using the “zigbee home automation” (ZHA 1.2) profile, not just “zigbee.” And even then may require custom code. But both the SmartThings brand pocket socket and the hive pocket socket should work out of the box.

As far as Wi-Fi devices, some will work, some will not, some will require custom code, some will require an additional server. It just varies a lot. Anything which has an IFTTT channel Will give you some integration that way, which includes devices that use the Tuya SmartLife App.

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Is it true that anything that connects to smartthings can be controlled by Alexa?

Essentially. You install the Alexa App in SmartThings, select the devices, then discover them in Alexa. Now can control many functions (on, off, color, temperature) dependent on device “Capabilities” as defined in the device handlers.

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But the device has to have a Alexa compatibility in the first place?..regardless of smartthings.

No, SmartThings itself has an official integration with both Amazon echo and google home. :sunglasses: So any device which is controlled by SmartThings can then be triggered from Amazon echo, although the exact features available may vary and you may have to set up some custom code on the SmartThings side to get everything working just the way you want. Basically echo just passes over the request that the person makes to smartthings, which then implements it. The individual devices do not need to have their own echo compatibility.

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two?
Will they bothe work with SmartThings? Its not clear on the website

If you want a cheap no-nonsense ST/Alexa controlled power socket, i’d go for this. You can get 2 for under £34 (50% off second one).

I’ve a number of these and have had no issues. It is also a Z-Wave repeater.

If you want a Zigbee repeater, the Smartthings power socket, which has been hard to find recently, is now available here:

Both give power usage readings and out of the box local processing (ie. no need for custom DTH)

Note that there have been some concerns with the ST socket overheating:

This website has the best price I could find on Belkin Wemo plugs.

Bought 4 on Wednesday and they arrive this morning free delivery.

Do they sync with SmartThings?

yes not only that they are one of only 2 outlets types which show up on the list in the UK app. The other is the official ST outlet but I’ve had a few issues with 3-4 of them failing because of high power devices frying them.

You first connect them in the Wemo app to your wifi which is easy to do, then add them in ST. The response time is very good. I have also tried Energenie’s plugs but found they were awful, highly unreliable and often weren’t responsive to either ST or Energenie’s app.

Sounds like it might be Cloud controlled rather than Local?

hi all, dont know where to post this but i have a smart outlet that is not working, anyone know how to open this plug?

In what way is it not working? they can be opened but i wouldn’t recommend it…

Edit: Additional info: They’re difficult to open without damaging them, and once opened they have a tendency to open themselves (fall apart) in my experience. I’ll get some photos of mine to show how they go together when i get home. I would suggest replacement over repair though.

I am interest to know how to open the plug also.
Seems like it won’t contact when plug it

Hi Paralytic. Do you mind sharing how you connected the Heiman plug to Smartthings.

Its been a while, but I think its a long hold (+5 seconds) on the button until it flashes with the hub in discovery mode. I use the Z-Wave Metering Switch DTH.