SmartThings tech support escalation?


Does someone have a contact for escalation within SmartThings support? I have a case that’s dragging with very little actual information as to what’s being done.

As nice as the Tier 1 tech is, we’re not getting anywhere.

The lack of information and activity is causing me to get pressure to consider alternate solutions…

Im happy to get DMs on the subject and kill the thread if need be, I’m just at a loss as to where to go next.


I would presume that your current assigned Support Engineer would escalate upon reasonable request…

Unofficially, the superbly helpful @Brad_ST (or perhaps @Aaron) sometimes will offer to look into a Ticket if they are available and feel it is appropriate to escalate.

Well, Terry - I would agree, although I spent 15 years of my IT career as a support escalation manager for enterprise support for a global top 3 software publisher and I’ve used all my tricks, er - well formatted business cases and escalation requests - including “Please escalate this to the next tier support team and get me an ETA for next action and contingency” and have made exactly 0 headway… Thus reaching out here. :slight_smile:

@Brad_ST @Aaron - guys I dont usually make these requests. But its getting bad. The wife is demanding I ‘Rip that #% out’ I just need an eta or some assurance we know what the heck is going on - and I can take it from there.