A Perfect Example of Incredibly Poor Customer Support

Just had to post this. It’s a perfect example of why I come here for help.

I had an issue, so just for the heck of it I submitted a support request in addition to posting here. I described the issue, provided two concrete examples AND attached a screenshot of the error.

What was support’s response? Please elaborate on what you’re trying to do and provide a screenshot of the error! REALLY? That’s exactly what I provided in the initial ticket.

Fortunately, there are ST employees like @Brad_ST who actually had the issue solved before support even responded, AND took the time to follow up. Thank you!


@Brad_ST is one of the best things about SmartThings. :sunglasses:


Unfortunately support is being handled by people who work off crib sheets and cannot think for themselves. They will take you through a generic SOP which involves deleting the app and having to rebuild everything.

I gave up with support a while back …


SmartThings email support is mostly useless, its only useful purpose is to provide a ticket number you can give to get your case escalated to tier 2 or have it looked at by someone on here.