How to get support to escalate?

I opened a ticket for a problem that the kind experts on here couldn’t address.

Support sends one email every day or two asking for yet another screenshot or some such to confirm things I told them in the initial request.

Is there any way to get them to escalate to someone who can address the problem?



First - all of your reply emails on this should include the following:

“This has not solved my issue, please escalate this to your technical lead and team manager for further assistance.”

Then @Brad_ST will probably reach out to you for your ticket ID.


Yeah, support is worthless. I’ve been round and round with them so many times I know what they’ll ask, so I include those answer in the initial request, BUT they still ask anyway. I’m convinced they never read the ticket to begin with.


Thanks for the incantation! Much appreciated.

Have they already told you to reset your Hub? - Wait for it…


1st level support is completely useless. They have no concept of how ST works and probably just read off crib sheets. I’ve given up dealing with them.

As an example, I fixed a problem they were working on myself by saying that I transferred my lighting automation which wasn’t working, to the Smart Lighting SmartApp. The support person said he was disappointed that I had moved to another platform …



Sadly, they haven’t gotten that far yet. In fact, since I started asking them to escalate, they have stopped responding altogether.

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