SmartThings support is useless

Sorry to say it, but Samsung support is completely useless. @nayelyz if you remember the issues I had with errors with decimals and tiles from thermostats that was removed after the last app update of the android version of smartthings. And also the power consumption issues where I sent

an error report with pictures showing the error and also told that I had testet with 2 different Samsung phones. After one week did I receive an reply (auto-reply) where they told me to clear the cashe memory in the app. I then replied to that auto-reply where I attached more pictures showing the issue. Also underlined I had tested with different phones and, yes also cleared the data cashe. Now today did I receive exactly the same auto-rely telling me to clear the cashe from the app. What’s the point? Does anyone read these tickets?

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The decimals issue is still present? A developer mentioned it was solved in the version 86 of the app:

About the other issues (out of range value), I know the team is working on them because they were reported by others as well.

That’s the same issue you’re referring here, right?

Are those screen captures shown in the mobile app or they are an email?
Do you see a ticket number included there?

Hi @nayelyz,
The problem fixed was the enter negative values.
Enter decimal values with “,” still present


The “decimal-issue” is some-how fixed. That means the routines do work again, but when I edit the routine is there still an issue with e.g. 22.5 beeing reverted to 22,5 and at the same time does the app only accept 22.5 and not 22,5, even though the app it self reverts the data from 22.5 to 22,5. But thats a minor issue. The setpoint tile is still missing from the thermostats (the direct connected thermostats. The cloud connected (cielo) is still there).

There no ticket number attached.

I guess the way Samsung handles ticket/issues is different from region to region. I can’t see there is any working support for Smartthings in Europe exept the UK. Maybe I’m wrong.

So I am giving up on using Samsung Members for tickets. It has just been a waist of time. They have received my log files, my ticket and also pictures of the issues. And all I can get back is an auto-reply telling me to clear my apps cashe memory.

So in the future will I just use the community. And thank you @nayelyz for your quick replies and your helpfull answers. Highly appreciated.

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I found this info that should help you to contact them:

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

Note: I’m checking if there’s an email for people in Norway.

Oh, I’ve might have missed that, in this post, which image makes reference to that issue?
So, does it mean the tile doesn’t appear at all? Please, share the name of a device with this issue, I want to see if I can get its details.
Is the email account you use in the SmartThings app the same one you use in this forum?

I’m happy to help in any way I can :smiley:

I did try the UK support since sends me, as Norwegian, to smartthings UK. And I did receive a reply from smartthings UK.
From Smartthings UK did I receive a ticket with number #1360925. However, as soon as they heard I was Norwegian, did they tell me that they could not help me, and told me to use the “report an error” in the samsung members app. And - ha.ha.ha the Smarthings UK support system does not support attachments, so they where not able to se any of the screenshots :rofl:

The setpoint tile that is missing is related to the update after One device with this issue is “Heatit Z-TRM3 16A thermostate” Heatit Z-TRM3 White - Heatit

After the app got updated to did the setpoint tile disappear. It is still gone after I updated to version

This is how it looks like in version

This is how it looks like in version and

The email account is the same :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that as soon as I revert back to does the tile re-appear

I found the last “ticket” from samsung members. It had ticket number 42450561 (I guess. It does not say, that’s the ticket number but this number is in the subject field. Strangly there was no email created when I sent the ticket originally.