SmartThings smart plugs - suddenly cloud connected?

According to the Groovy IDE, my smart plugs are now executed in the cloud. I feel 99% sure it used to say Local. I wondered why they were no longer being triggered when the internet was down. Why are they now going via the cloud?

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The wifi ST plugs?

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My ST branded zigbee ones are still local.

They’re supposed to be Zigbee. It says “Zigbee metering plug”

What happens if you try “SmartPower Outlet”? Mine are older plugs though. You can also experiment with “ZigBee Switch Power”?


I just looked at the DTH that you’re using and the fingerprint for the ST plug isn’t in there., and it’s not a local handler:

I suggest trying the SmartPower Outlet" handler for ST plugs.

I didn’t tell it to use that DH, that’s the one they have always used and they used to be local. I hope I am not just imagining things. Does the one you’re suggesting run locally?

I just noticed you didn’t tell us the make and model of the plug. Need to know manufacturer and model.

Duh, just noticed the title, sorry!

Samsung GP-WOU019BBDWG SmartThings Smart Plug 2019, Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, White. I kind of said in the title but not all the details. Uh sorry about the font!! wtf

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Well that’s what I get for looking at posts before my morning coffee, sorry about that!

Try changing the DTH to SmartPower Outlet. I’m looking through the list now to see which one specifically. Who knows why it defaulted to the one you’re using.

Be right back!

I changed it to the one you suggested and it now says Local. I’ll take the modem offline again and experiment

Also make sure it works correctly, especially power reporting values.

Still not working offline. For a test I tried a basic automation to turn it on when I press my Smartthings button. The Hue lights (via the Hue Bridge) that are also automated to come on with the button worked but the outlet did not). I can’t test power reporting when offline of course as the app won’t work without internet

Not sure what to tell you at this point to try, other than make sure power reporting still works when your Internet is up, just to make sure that’s the right DTH.

It’s odd that your Hue’s are working because I didn’t think anything associated with Hue would be local to the hub, especially through the bridge. I don’t have Hue, so I can’t speak with certainty about Hue/ST integration. Someone with Hue will have to chime in, maybe @prjct92eh2?

What I would do as a good local test would be to create a SmartLighting rule that just turns on or off the outlet either through motion detection (the motion sensor must be local too), or time based (preferred). This test ensures the SL rule is local, as well as all devices, like these:


Hue is local


Hue devices through the bridge do remain local, so that’s operating correctly.

@jkp beat me to it. And man, that picture cracks me up!

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Thanks guys. Never really got into anything with Hue and just didn’t know.


Well the button should have been a good test. I know that operates automations with the modem offline. Just not ones that affect the smartplugs. I guess I had this coming really, as I was fully aware that ST is fairly cloud-dependent. Just that I thought I had the workaround (my end goal was to have a hue sensor turn on a hue light, then as hue lights (unlike their sensors) can act as a trigger to a ST automation the eventual outcome was that a hue sensor could get a message to my ST system. But it was going to be a long shot all along :slight_smile:

I think my main theme in this thread is to ask I am sure my plugs were working locally and offline with the automations until recently!!! Can anyone confirm/deny?

Yeah, sorry I couldn’t help. The handler you’re using has been out for a while, and looking through Github’s change log for the DTH, it still didn’t have it local as far back as in May based upon what Github says, but that may not reflect all the changes ST makes. :slight_smile:

Well this is odd… it’s working now. I think it must have taken quite a while for the hub to update itself with the info about the new plug handler so for a while it thought it was still cloud-based.