Zigbee plugs with power tracking?

So, I had a DNS issue the other day and all my WiFi smartthings plugs became uncontrollable.

I want to switch all my smart plugs to zigbee or zwave (prefer Zigbee) but I need them to have power monitoring of total usage and current watts.

I know the old smartthings Zigbee outlet GP-U999SJVLDAA had this and I managed to snag two on eBay but I need more.

I have zooz zwave units for my water heater and microwave but they are big. I need something smaller, a similar size to the smartthings wifi outlets I’m replacing.

Does anyone know of a suitable product?


As I’ve mentioned before, I personally don’t use mesh protocol devices for real time energy monitoring. It just tends to overload the mesh. So I don’t choose Zigbee or zwave Devices for real time energy Monitoring, I just think WiFi is a much better match to that use case. But I’m using mine with Homekit, so they are running locally, which is not an option with smartthings.

So I’m not sure what I would use with smartthings these days. @johnconstantelo might know of something.

The zooz units actually work well for power alerts, but they’re a bit large and expensive.

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You bet @JDRoberts!

@mvevitsis, everything I have is pretty much all Zigbee (I lost track, but ~250), and all those devices are very chatty. I’ve never had any mesh issues at all, and performance is stellar!

I primarily use GE devices, like their Zigbee 1.2 in-wall switches, dimmers, and plug-in wall outlets (or plugs). Their zigbee 1.2 product line does current power reporting in watts, but not total usage (kWh). Total usage could easily be figured out/done in a DTH, but you’d have a cloud based dth vs. local. The ST/Iris plugs don’t either as far as I can recall. BTW, I have these GE plugs on all my appliances in the house.

For some reason, the new Zigbee 3.0 GE/Jasco devices don’t do power or energy reporting, but I hear that their newer devices will have power reporting again.

Some other plugs that have energy reporting along with power reporting are Sengled outlets, specifically model E1C-NB7). Innr may also have some too, but I don’t think so.

SmartenIT also has stuff, but I’ve had terrible experience with their ZBMLC15 device. I can’t speak about their plug though:

The GE plugs are bigger than the ST one, but I like their form factor because the plugs are on the side vs. the front like on the ST and Sengled and Innr plugs. That’s super handy for behind a couch or refrigerator. The new GE/Jaso plugs are also dual controlled, but again, no power reporting yet.

Hope that info help you out some!

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